Jerzy (George) Ulicki - Rek
has been sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. Non parole period is 2.5 years.
That means that he still has 10 months to go before becoming ‘eligible’ for the parole
and then it is not automatic but dependent on unknown factors.
He needs all the assistance he can get to survive and to maintain his health and saneness.

Currently he is still at Parklea Correctional Centre, NSW.
Street Address
66 Sentry Drive
Postal Address
Jerzy Rek
PO Box 6148
Phone: (02) 9678 4888

* Jerzy made significant contribution to raising public awareness by publishing lots of material
* Due to his publishing activity he is obvious target by the dark forces

He has been running several web sites exposing black forces manipulating our societies,
depravity of so called ‘democracy’, usury banking etc.
He has been also active on several forums and blogs.

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A call to prison to enquire about his wellbeing will let those mongrels know that he is not forgotten.

Well wish card will cheer him up.


His blog from Australian prison - observations, comments and reflections













25 June 2015 - Yes, you guessed it right. The sentencing has been postponed again.
This is such common trick used by cartel of lawyers (a ‘judge’ is a lawyers mafia stooge) to ‘justify’
ripping off people by stealing their money ‘legally’ and ‘lawfully’.
A ‘judge’ request additional information because he is ‘just’ and ‘fair’, as the pretext for a delay.
A lawyer charges an unfortunate ‘client’ few to several thousand dollars every time this happens,
because he represented ‘client’ in court.
Often the same charge is passed to other ‘clients’ he ‘represented’ on the day in the court as well –
usually few minutes of useless and pretentious chatting.

June 2015 - For the n time his ‘sentencing’ has been postponed.
He has already spent in prison over 18 months and he is staying positive and keeping himself occupied
(these blogs are good example). He thanks all the people who managed to send cards and messages.
The information about the court case and possible sentencing on 25.06.2015 can be found on - - case no 201300359632

April 2015 - He chose to select another lawyer to represent him in court, John Hajje.
Next appearance in court will be on 28 May 2015, after 18 months in jail.
Still waiting for 'sentencing', after choosing to 'plead guilty' with the hope
that this will protect his wife from harassment (his first lawyer 'recommended' such option).

February 2015 - From what he told me, it appears that he was bullied into submission by lawyer
who 'advised' him to plead guilty and in return the charges against his wife were dropped.
He chose this path to protect his wife, and he is hoping that he will be treated 'leniently'.
I spoke with him several times against such cause of action, advising to dump the lawyer and
to reverse the agreement. The charges are buffony, just to keep him inside.
Sentencing was supposed to be 17 February. For unknown reason has been delayed for
another 2 months.

October 2014 - The last letter from the prison indicates how difficult it is for a normal person
to survive in such environment.The biggest danger is not so much from prison guards but from
the conditions they create in prisons - mixing mentally sick people, drug addicts with other prisoners.
If you know a mentally sick person imagine being with that person 20 hours a day, day after day.

The idea is that the person will eventually get emotionally drained, provoked by idiot`s behaviour
or words or by actual physical assault. Then, it will be easy to portray such person as not the victim
of circumstances but as the 'violent offender', danger to the society and by other invectives so adored
by jews and their puppets.

September 2014 - Police and 'authorities' are trying to wear him down by keeping him in prison uncertain, worried, unknown of the future. 9 months later, every several weeks, they go to court for so called ‘mention’, basically to adjourn presenting any verifiable charges against him in court hoping that he will get so exhausted that he will agree to ‘admitting’ anything they want. Form of an emotional torture.

July 2014 update

He was loudly complaining about unhumane conditions in Bathurst prisons.
Accused of attempting to create 'rebelion' and shipped to another prison in Junee.

The copy of the complaint letter to prison authorities.
In attempt to break his spirits he is being kept in inhumane conditions.
‘Legally’ he is being abused as well by having his request for bail refused and then denied preliminary hearing by having already 5 (FIVE) delays in court requested by police who try to manufacture charges against him.

Bathurst Prison

Mr Fidler
     General Manager / Bathurst Prison

 Cc. Mr Bullock
      Senior Officer

Dear Sir,

Today, on the 8.07.2014 I found myself locked in my cell. 
Short conversation with a wing warden and Mr Bullock told me what was the reason of me being punished. 
Yesterday afternoon, shortly before 3pm muster, I voiced my concern about the inhumane conditions suffered by inmates of the Bathurst Prison. 

To make matters clear I would like to explain what I do understand by “inhumane conditions”.

1: Forcing inmates to spend long hours in the yard while the temperatures are just above 0 deg C (with access to wing prohibited no matter of the weather conditions, during the rain as well).
On rainy days the inmates got not only frozen but wet as well in bargain.

2: After spending a few hour exposed to nasty elements inmates are facing cold showers because the amount of hot water is big enough to serve only first few lucky ones.  We get access to wing at 1pm and since few weeks the hot water will only last for 10 – 20 minutes only.

3: At night, after the cold treatment outside and under shower, inmates are facing another lesson as cells do not have proper windows and the hole in wall pretending to be one is just that: a barred hole open all the time.  The lucky inmates who were able to obtain a piece of cardboard are the winner in match against cold air at night.
They can reduce at least a bit of general access to freezing conditions outside.  The less lucky ones suffer.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I find such conditions inhumane.  Only because I raised my objection in relation to such “Correctional treatment” I have been told that I’m in breach of prisons regulations.

The problem is that I was not presented with ANY regulation as such on arrival. I can’t follow any rules I’m not aware of.  I will be mostly grateful if prison administration will give me a chance to make myself familiar with detailed rules and regulations I’m obliged to follow to avoid any mistakes in the future.

I’m familiar with “Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoner” as adopted by the First United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the treatment of offenders, held in Geneva in 1955 and provided by Economic and Social Council by its resolution 663C (XXIV) of 31 July 1957 and 2076 (LXII) of May 1977.

I’m not familiar, however, with any internal regulation applying to Bathurst Prison.

Yours sincerely
Jerzy Rek

April 2014 update

1.He is still kept in medieval style prison in Bathurst where conditions are on the same level or worse than in “Bangkok Hilton” . Cells with no natural light, 2 people in cells designed for one prisoner so if one is standing the other one has to lie on bed.
Half a day in common area with nothing to do, no room to walk or equipment to exercise – NOTHING to do. Prisoners swap anything they can get to read as there is no access to library.
Doctor comes once every 2 weeks – ‘wonder’ drug is Panadole for every illment.

2. Jerzy suffers from pain back (degenerated spine) he cannot get any medication for his condition – intends to go on hunger strike as for last 10 days he is in constant pain without any help and there is no prospect of getting medical attention.

3. His wife has been released on bail with very strict conditions including prohibition from even sending letters to Jerzy, her husband.

4. Letters are story in itself – they are censored by someone from outside prison and for the last 3 weeks such person was not available so prisoners get no letters.

This is happening in the country where there is no shortage of lawyers and judges making noises about the abuse of ‘human rights’ in North Korea or Iran while overlooking such abuse here. That prison does not comply with the minimum standards as set by
" Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners" - Adopted by the First United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and theTreatment of Offenders

The copy of the 'jewspaper' article after Jerzy arrest.
The tone indicates build-up of serious accusation -
(‘so realistic that one officer said if someone pulled it on him he would shoot them’)